This website will raise awareness about environmental concerns, promote sustainable living practices, and provide resources for individuals and organizations to take action to protect the environment.

In addition it will educate people about the current state of the environment and the various challenges it is facing. This can include issues such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, and resource depletion. By providing information about these issues, the website can help people to understand the importance of protecting the environment and the ways in which they can contribute to this effort.

Moreover the website will provide resources and tools that individuals and organizations can use to take action to protect the environment. This can include things like information on how to reduce energy consumption and waste, tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and resources for participating in local environmental initiatives. By providing these resources, an environment website can help people to feel empowered to make a positive impact on the environment and encourage them to take action.

Furthermore it can provide information about environmental campaigns and initiatives, as well as opportunities for people to get involved and make their voices heard on environmental issues. By advocating for policies and practices that support a healthy and sustainable environment, the website can help to bring about positive change and protect the planet for future generations.

In summary, the purpose of an environment website is to raise awareness about environmental issues, provide resources and tools for individuals and organizations to take action, and advocate for policies and practices that support a healthy and sustainable environment. By fulfilling these purposes, this website can play an important role in protecting Kiribati environment and resources and ensuring a healthy future for all.

Long-Term Vision

"The People of Kiribati continue to live in and benefit from a safe and healthy environment that is resilient to local and national impacts and to the impacts of global change, including climate change, and which supports livelihoods, human health, sustainable development and heritage"


"To ensure that the long-term vision is achieved, by coordinating all relevant government ministries and divisions that have roles and responsibilities in relation to environment protection, ecologically sustainable development and the use of Kiribati’s environment and natural resources, through whole-of-government cooperation and coordination"

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Operational Structure